It’d be great to create a comprehensive list with links to other new library professionals associations/groups around the world! I’ll do my best to hunt them out and add them here, but please suggest more in the comments, or you could even write a little blurb about your group with a link and I will add it to this list.

*Edit* Tracy has very kindly shared the link to IFLA’s page on NPs (Groups) Around the World which is a very comprehensive list. I have also taken the liberty of writing a comment about our group for inclusion!


We’ve put together a list of related library and information professional associations below.  Please click the link to be taken directly to their membership information pages:

Archives and Records Association of New Zealand [ARANZ]

Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa [LIANZA]

Te Rōpū Whakahau | Association for Māori librarians and information professionals [TRW]


7 Responses to Associations

  1. Tracy says:

    Here’s a link to New Professionals Around the World courtesy of IFLA 🙂

  2. Thanks for great links Tracy – no need to reinvent the wheel 🙂 Updating now…

  3. sebastianwilke says:

    Greetings from IFLA NPSIG 🙂 Wishing you all the best for the network! Let me know, if we can be of any help for you.

  4. LBB JSS says:

    Nice to know there is one more NP group in the world. Greetings on behalf of the New Professionals Section of the Library Association of Latvia.

  5. It’s lovely to hear from Latvia New Professionals too! Thank you for dropping past – I hope you enjoy watching our journey progress…

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