23 Mobile Things for CPD

*Edit New Professionals NZ and ALIA NGAC are joining forces to offer ANZ 23 Mobile Things! You can now sign up to join the NZ/Australian cohort working through 23 Mobile Things – we’re starting with Thing 1 Twitter on May 6, 2013.

ANZ 23 Mobile Things Online Stuff:

*Edit ends here*

The original course details

Blog: http://23mobilethings.net/wpress/
Twitter: @23mobilethings

The background

I’m sure most of you have heard about 23 Things for Professional Development – an open-source program for CPD for librarians. There are many variants of this course which was first developed in 2006 by Helene Blowers and the team at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County, and now the newish kid on the block is 23 Mobile Things, a course revolving around digital and mobile technologies.

Who created this course?

“The first version of 23 mobile things was developed in Danish by Jan Holmquist. This version of the course is an international collaboration, Jan Holmquist from Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne (Denmark) and Mylee Joseph and Kathryn Barwick from the State Library of New South Wales (Australia) are working together to build the English language version of the course.   Dr Michael Stephens from the San Jose University (USA) and Tame the Web is researching the outcomes of 23 Things courses for library workers and has provided some advice to the team.” – taken from the About page.

Michael Stephens is one of the keynote speakers at LIANZA Conference 2013, and is also teaching the MOOC course on the hyper-linked library.

What does the course cover?

23 things! For the full list, check out this page. The course starts with Twitter, and covers Instragram, Youtube, Zotero, Pinterest, online identities, digital story-telling, and a whole host of other things.

How do I take part?

The course is open to anyone with a tablet or smart phone. It is a self-paced learning course, with the 23 things providing a framework of resources to look at and information to consider. It can be done at anytime; there are no time-limit or deadlines for the course.  Follow the blog, and the Twitter account and ask for help on Twitter using the hashtag #23mobilethings. There will also be scheduled Support Cafe sessions.

If there are enough interested people in this group, we could set up our own support group and work through the course together. If you are interested in doing this, leave a comment below and tell others!

Why should I take part?

Because it’s awesome! Seriously, it’s a great framework of 23 prominent mobile technologies to work through which will give us familiarity with different applications, technologies, and interfaces, provide us with tools to use with marketing the library and increasing the range of services we offer, and give us practical experience in using them so we can help and train our users in these technologies.

You can also use it in your professional registration; for LIANZA professional registration, the learning taking place could fall into BOK 7 (Application of ICT), BOK 1 (The information environment, policy, ethics), and a host of the other BOKs.

So are you keen as a bean? If you are, leave a comment and share with others. It might be really fun to work through this as a group and have some online sessions to share what we have been learning – either through Twitter (Thing 1), a hangout/Skype (Thing 7) or some other method.


About newprofessionalsnz

Official website for New Professionals Network in New Zealand. Administered by: Abigail Willemse LIANZA Library Life Editor @ajwillemse91
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30 Responses to 23 Mobile Things for CPD

  1. J. Clifton says:

    It’s definitely time to investigate and learn all things mobile related. I researched QR codes in connection with libraries at the beginning of last year and it made me aware that smartphone/tablet technology should be utilised fully especially since prices, particularly with smartphones are making them much more accessible. The course sounds really good!

  2. Wow this looks great will be participating in this and encouraging rest of the staff too.

  3. Cath Sheard says:

    Yep, love to have a go. No doubt already using some stuff but always more to learn. Would love to see an NZ group work through it together.

  4. Excellent – a NZ cohort doing it all at the same time would be really cool! There’s been a bit of interest on the list-serv as well, so I need to think about how it would work. Do you think a thing a week – over 23 weeks (nearly 6 months) is reasonable, or is that too long for the course to run for? And a place for us to talk could be a Facebook page, Twitter chat, blog, or all of these – any preferences? A wiki could be a good place to talk about it as well. Just a few thoughts 🙂 It’d be really neat to go through as a unit with NZ people, and be able to give and receive that support. And it’s an easy thing to do in your spare time and it encourages you to play with technology which is important 😀

    • If it’s going to be over 23 weeks then I think facebook, Blog or wiki or similar where people who may not be able to make it every week could still use the page to help them, or comment on etc.

      • True – 23 weeks just seems quite long. If we did two a week then that would be over 12 weeks; I’ve seen some timetables for other 23 things and they tend to do it over 9-10 weeks. I just don’t want to make it too long so people fall off the bandwagon, or too crammed so people don’t have time to do it. It’s a bit of a balancing act 🙂

      • Cath Sheard says:

        I don’t think one a week is too slow when you consider people other responsibilities, and also allowing for new learnings to settle in. You could perhaps split the difference and aim for roughly 3 a fortnight?

      • That could work 3 a fortnight – six a month – over 4 months – hmm, that’s very feasible. Thanks for the idea 🙂

      • Yes I like that too great

  5. Caroline Anderson says:

    I would be happy to be part of a support group if that would be useful.

  6. Excellent – glad you like that as well, Kim. I might set up a poll and see what people think will be best. Thanks for the offer Caroline; it would be a whole cohort moving through at the same time so everyone will be sharing and offering each other support. If you would be keen to help with some administration stuff (maybe helping facilitate or moderate conversations on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google hangouts, etc…, or writing blog posts etc. to keep people on track) that would be awesome!

  7. Penny Guy says:

    I am interested in doing this

  8. Helen Lynch says:

    Yes I’d be interested in doing the course- sounds very useful. NZ cohort sounds like a good idea but couldn’t guarantee I’d always be working at the same pace as others, so the suggestions such as wiki, blog, facebook etc would be really good..

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  12. Yes, interested as I am soon to get my new mobile thing (Nexus 7). Have already used a few of the apps via smart-phone. Maybe not many takers from Oz since the blog title is NZ?

    • Thanks for your comment – signing up on New Professionals NZ is just a temporary measure. We will set up a blog specifically for this Aus/NZ cohort shortly and we would love to see more Australians sign up – love this Trans-Tasman partnership! 🙂

  13. Kathy Neivandt says:

    I found the original 23 Things and variations really interesting and helpful so would like to participate in this one too.

  14. Sue Coffey says:

    I would like to participate in learning about 23 Mobile Things. I think Facebook would be the easiest way for me to stay tuned with others involved .

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  16. Linda Fox says:

    I have several devices and thinking about getting another. I have a lot to learn and maybe a little bit to contribute. I’m going to try this based on the recommendation of my friend Polly F.! Hi Polly!

  17. Angela Karacaoglu says:

    Hi, I’m interested in learning more about phone technology so I’m interested in participating in learning about 23 Mobile Things. I’m confident in using Facebook to stay in tune.

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