Apply Yourself! – great advice from Hack Library School

“When I tell people what I am doing in Florence, Italy for a year, I am invariably asked one question: “How did you land such a position?!” To which I smile broadly, often chuckle a little and answer simply and honestly: “I applied.” This, my LIS, MLIS and MSIT friends is one of my best hacks for library school and life.”

You need to apply to be in the running; what’s one thing that you applied for that you thought maybe you shouldn’t apply for/weren’t qualified and what was the result? Go on; I know there’s heaps of us with these sort of stories out there! Often, the only person standing in your way is YOU – just a thought for today 😉

This is a brilliant article from Hack Library School – a blog by, for, and about library students. If you’re not already following this blog, you need to be!

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One Response to Apply Yourself! – great advice from Hack Library School

  1. This is a nice thought. Definitely, you are the only person that stands in the way of your success

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