What do YOU want to talk about at the Skype session?


Just want to canvas what YOU would like to talk about at the Skype session this Thursday. I am visualizing that it will be around an hour of chatting with a small group of us – I think 8-10 people have shown interest so far 🙂

  • Do you want to go through who new professionals are or who can be involved in the network again or do you think we’ve thrashed that out enough and we should move on to something else?
  • Would you like to talk about relationships with LIANZA and other networks again? I and some other folk from the group will speak with Heather Lamond, the president of LIANZA, about possible models sometime this week or next week, so perhaps this can wait until we’ve got something concrete to propose.

I’m quite keen to talk about action we can take; particularly towards perhaps organizing a New Zealand New Professionals event within the next 12 months. The ground I’m hoping to cover is perhaps covered by the last 4-5 questions of the Twitter chat that we didn’t quite get around to covering:

Q4. What sort of events/support/training would you like #NewProfNZ to offer? Networking, career advice, camps/conferences, etc…

Q5.Do you prefer online support, face to face events and interaction or a mixture? #NewProfNZ

Q6. Would you like a #NewProfNZ symposium, weekend school, unconference, library camp in the next 12 months? Could you help out?

If yes to question 6:

Q7. What form would you like this to take? Formal or informal event? Day or longer? Is cost a factor? #NewProfNZ

Q8. Any questions/comments from the group? #NewProfNZ”

Any thoughts/comments?

Also, someone has brought it to my attention that this clashes with a LIANZA event for students down in Wellington; I’m sorry about that. If it disrupts a number of people who were planning on attending, please let me know and I will see if the Skype session can be rescheduled for next week.

If you would like to attend the Skype session and haven’t let me know yet, please send me an e-mail ASAP with your Skype ID, and I’ll send you a Skype invite, and call you all as a group on Thursday night at 7:30PM.

Looking forward to our chat!



About newprofessionalsnz

Official website for New Professionals Network in New Zealand. Administered by: Abigail Willemse LIANZA Library Life Editor @ajwillemse91
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2 Responses to What do YOU want to talk about at the Skype session?

  1. melchivers says:

    I can’t attend tonight so I’ll add some of my thoughts on here. Maybe more questions than answers…

    I think the answers to questions 4, 5 and 6 influence whether a connection with LIANZA is going to be useful to the group. If people are interested in mostly social, online and easily organised events, those are not too difficult to organise. If people are looking for professional development opportunities then a connection with LIANZA will make it easier by having experience to tap into, financial backing and assistance when we need it.
    There are other considerations to be made. Is NewProfNZ just about supporting and connecting new grads or is it about encouraging new grads to enter into a career of ongoing PD and extend themselves. What we decide we are here for will impact whether alignment with LIANZA is worth our time and theirs.

    Q5. I think a mixture is really important. NZ is so small and spread out online is going to be vital. Maybe that could be a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous (webinars/wiki/twitter events). I also think that nothing beats face to face, there could be regular local networking events and maybe an annual NZ wide event.

    Q6. Yes, but I am very hesitant to say I’ll help. Full-time work, half-time study, LIANZA programme committee might be my limit this year. I’m happy to help informally when possible.

    Q7. If this is an NZ wide event then I think two days is better. If we expect people to travel then it needs to be worthwhile. One possibility could be to run it over two half days, start midday sat and run till midday sunday. Then you get social time in the evening as well.
    Formal/informal? It depends on what we/the people want from the event: Formal means you can legitimately put it on your CV as PD. Informal is easier to organise and can be just as worthwhile.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts and comments, Mel – very valuable feedback 🙂 I think as you say, the connection to LIANZA will depend on what direction we want to take this group in, which is something that we will definitely discuss at the Skype session tonight. I do think a face-to-face event would be very valuable, particularly in the early formation of this group, but it will be interesting to gauge what other people think . I also know that we all have busy lives, so it is about making this manageable and useful AND able to be fitted into the busy schedule of students/full-time workers who have family commitments, etc…

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