#NewProfNZ Twitter questions for chat on Thursday, March 7, 7:30PM onwards

Here is the list of questions we will be discussing during our Twitter chat tonight. If there is anything else you would like to discuss or a question you would like made clearer, just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can edit the question, add in a few more questions, or we can also have an open Q and A session at the end.

Introductions: Just one sentence about yourself, where you work/study.

Q1. Who are new professionals? #NewProfNZ Do you agree/disagree with my definition under “Who can be involved?” https://newprofessionalsnz.wordpress.com/about/

Q2. What relationship should #NewProfNZ have with LIANZA? 1. Part of, 2. Independent, 3. Independent but works with LIANZA, 4. Other

Q3. What is/are primary function(s) of #NewProfNZ? Community, think-tank, action group, support group, or other?

Q4. What sort of events/support/training would you like #NewProfNZ to offer? Networking, career advice, camps/conferences, etc…

Q5.Do you prefer online support, face to face events and interaction or a mixture? #NewProfNZ

Q6. Would you like a #NewProfNZ symposium, weekend school, unconference, library camp in the next 12 months? Could you help out?

If yes to question 6:

Q7. What form would you like this to take? Formal or informal event? Day or longer? Is cost a factor? #NewProfNZ

Q8. Any questions/comments from the group? #NewProfNZ

Don’t forget to answer using A1., A2. etc, and include the hashtag #NewProfNZ in every tweet so we can all see your response.

See you all at 7:30 PM; if you need any help connecting to the chat, check out the #NewProfNZ Twitter chat post on the blog, or just have a quick look on Google as there are plenty of excellent guides to using Twitter.

Chat with you tonight!


About newprofessionalsnz

Official website for New Professionals Network in New Zealand. Administered by: Abigail Willemse LIANZA Library Life Editor @ajwillemse91
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