House-keeping issues

Just a few general guidelines to help us maximise the conversations we have and easily archive it for future reference…

1. On Twitter, please use the hashtag – #NewProfNZ – so that we can easily track posts about this topic, storify them, and archive them on our Storified Tweets page. You are more than welcome to storify any discussions on Twitter you have on the subject and to share them here – I (Abigail) can’t be everywhere at once! 🙂

2. I’m hoping to set up a references/bibliography/resources page where we can share interesting links/articles for future reference. If you have something you would like to share, simply comment on the page and I (or another administrator) will add it to the list.

3. Is anyone keen for a scheduled Twitter chat? All you need to do it suggest a time and date and come up with a list of questions. Then everyone uses the hash tag #NewProfNZ to participate. The facilitor tweeets the questions one at a time: “Q1. What defines an information professional? #NewProfNZ” and participants respond with “Q1. ‘Their answer’ #NewProfNZ”. You can follow the conversation by following the hashtag.

Any other ideas/suggestions/comments?


About newprofessionalsnz

Official website for New Professionals Network in New Zealand. Administered by: Abigail Willemse LIANZA Library Life Editor @ajwillemse91
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